Stylebrity Beauty & Beyond
                 Summer Youth Camp
                                            "The Beauty of Hope"
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Stylebrity Beauty & Beyond is a youth program developed to inspire the creativity and talent of young people who are interested in the beauty and fashion industries, as well as teach career building skills. 

​SBBSYC's primary focus is life skill training and career development in the beauty and fashion industries. Our goal is to develop young professionals by way of professionlism training, on-the-job training and technical training. Youth will develop basic skill knowledge in five areas and have the choice to specialize in one or explore all areas of training. 

Technical training is as follows:​

     ~ Hair Techniques​
​     ~ Makeup Techniques
     ~ Barbering Techniques
     ~ Fashion Techniques
     ~ Design Techniques

Our Mission

To empower youth with the skills and knowlegde to pursue a career in the beauty and fashion industries. Through hands-on skill training, motivational workshops and life skills coaching, youth will gain insite and skill to excel in their industry of choice. Through lectures and role play youth are trained to make smart decisions, choose life and the importance of having a dream and pursuing it. We demonstrate respect to all, faith in GOD and belief in self. We not only supply the map and compass, we train our youth how to properly use them. Ultimately, we are preparing youth to become successful, contribting adults.
How can I support SBBSYC's Efforts?
We at SBBSYC think its important for every youth to have an enriching experience. Unfortuantely, the kids that need it the most are underpriveledged and have very limited resources. Let's face it, most inner city youth are impoverished or living just above the poverty line here in New Orleans. Those are the kids least likely to attend college or graduate high school. Giving these youth the opportunity to explore a trade can be a life changing experience. SBBSYC promotes the importance of a college education with the full understanding that it may not be attainable or an option for all youth.  Providing career opportunities for all youth is a great deterant to crime.
Thanks for asking.....

Here's a few ways you can support SBBSYC or a youth in the program.

Donate: money, expertise, services.

 ~ Money is needed for our college tour, supplies/equipment, uniforms, t-shirts. You can donate as little as $10 or as much as you would like.
​ ~ Expertise in the beauty and Fashion industries is always welcome. Giving our youth a fresh perspective or training from industry professionals is needed.
 ~ Services such as bus transportation is needed for our college tour and other trips through our program. Photograaphy/videography for our special projects is also needed.
Special Projects 2015
Entreprenuer Project

Makeup Line

Fashion Line and Label

Hair Maven

Vision Board Challenge

Hair & Fashion Show

Our Thoughts
Founder: Janice Meredith
Janice Meredith, founder of Stylebrity Beauty & Beyond Summer Youth Camp has been mentoring young girls for nearly 17 years. After receiving her cosmetology license and studying Sociology for four years at Nicholls State University and the University of New Orleans. She decided to mentor at-risk youth from John Mc Donogh Sr. High's cosmetology program. This quickly grew, becoming a permanent parthership with the cosmetology program there and then a parthnership with the City of New Orleans NOLA Works Summer Employment Program. 

Mrs. Meredith is invested in her community and her profession. As a successful beauty industry entrepreneur, she mentors both beauty industry professionals and aspiring beauty professionals. Her mission is to open a cosmetology program for high schoolers from Orleans and Jefferson parish that are interested in a career in cosmetology.  This program will allow youth to graduate high school licensed with a trade skill,  giving them greater opportunity at productivity and success.

"Having a cosmetology program and graduating with my license gave me the opportunity to successfully purse my dreams."

SBBSYC programming is geared toward cosmetology but embraces all youth.