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                                            "The Beauty of Hope"
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SBBSYC Programs
Stylebrity Beauty & Beyond programs are geared toward those youth that are interested in the beauty and fashion industries. Our programming is two-fold, training and lectures. The development of young professionals through both life skills training and technical training is our primary focus. Our summer program is six weeks which are split in two sessions. Youth select the classes (hair, makeup, fashion) that most interest them. Youth are also placed in beauty salons, barber shops, fashion boutiques, among other local business which partner with our program. This program was developed over 15 years ago to address the social and personal needs of inner city youth interested in the beauty industry.
Beauty Industry 
Beauty industry sessions are hair and makeup which allows the opportunities to encourage young girls to embrace their beauty. Self Esteem is such a pressing issue which crosses every ethnicity, race and social economic area. Through our team of volunteer makeup artists and instructors, SBBSYC guide youth with their amazing talent. 

Youth are instructed on hair care and styling basics. Instructors are brought in for advanced training such as weaving and hair coloring techniques. 

Youth are also selected to participate in hands-on training with instructors.
Youth are instructed on the beauty basics:

Tools, i.e., brushes, foundation, facial shapes, eyes, lips and application.

SBBSYC makeup challenge is given after each session. The challenge demonstrates teamwork, leadership skills and test their knowledge from class sessions. 
Makeup Class
Hairstyling Class
Barbering Class
Youth are instructed on hair cutting basics, shaving and basic grooming techniques. 

Youth are selected to participate in hands-on barbering skills.

Fashion Industry
Fashion Industry sessions are a collaboration of fashion design, sewing and going green projects. These projects foster creativity and talent.  

Youth are taught basic sewing machine use and techniques. Clothing designed by youth are worn in our fashion show and given to youth afterwards.
SBBSYC Events Calendar-2016
             June 2017

Session I
​Purchase Tools Needed

   ~Hair Class: Shampooing/Flat Ironing
   ~Fashion Lab: Machine Basics
   ~Makeup Class: Foundation/Eye Shadows

   ~Hair Class:Relaxer Application
   ~Fashion Lab: Project Assignment
   ~Makeup Class: Eyeshadow/individual lash

   ~Hair Class: Pincurls/Dropcurls
   ~Fashion Lab: Machine Basics
   ~Makeup Class: Full face challenge
            Session II
             July 2017
 Vision Board Project
 Vision Board Project Cont.
   ~Hair Class: Shampooing/Color Class
   ~Fashion Lab: Sewing 101
   ~Makeup Class: Skin Care
  Vision Board Prsentations
    ~Hair Class: Trimming hair/haircare
   ~Fashion Lab: Sewing Project
   ~Makeup Class: Eye shadow application

 Lecture: Personal Hygiene
   ~Hair Class: Quick Weave/Cut/Style
   ~Fashion Lab: Sewing Project
   ~Makeup Class: Eyelash Application

Lecture: Self Esteem/Beautiful ME
   ~Hair Class:Braiding
   ~Fashion Lab: Completion of Project
   ~Makeup Class: Eye Shadow Blending/Foundation Color

Lecture: Entrepreneur Class/Business Plan Writing
   ~Hair Class: Short Styles/Cuts
   ~Fashion Lab: Recycle Project
   ~Makeup Class: Full Face Challenge

Lecture: Entrepreneur Class/Business Plan Writing Cont.
   ~Hair Class: Preparation for Hair Show
   ~Fashion Lab: Preparation for Fashion Show
   ~Makeup Class: Preparation for Show

 Lecture: Entrepreneurship Class
   ~Hair Class: Preparation for Show
   ~Fashion Lab: Preparation for Show
   ~Makeup Class: Preparation for Show
 Completion of fashion wardrobe and models run through.


Fashion Program

Small Notepad $2.00
Sketch Book $10.00
Mechanical Pencils $4.00
Tape Measure $2.00
Cutting Shears $5.00
Seam Ripper 2.00
Pins (provided)
Pin Cushion (provided)
Pattern chalk (provided)
Sewing Kit/Caboodle 10.00
2x18 inch Clear Ruler (provided)
Hip Curve Ruler (provided)
Sewing Machine $85 (optional)
(provided or can be purchased for use after program)

 Hairstylist Program

Mannequin $30.00
Combs (provided)
Shears $10.00
Rollers (provided) or can be purchased ($12.00 144 pack)
Styrofoam Head (3) (provided)
Spray bottle $2.00
Hair Glue 1 large bottle $4.00
Weave (27 piece) $12.00 WEEK 4
Weave 1 pack (Yaki Braid hair) ($1.99) WEEK 2
Weave 8 or 10 inch human hair ($15.00) WEEK 3
Hair color kit $12.00 (provided)
Large Hair Clips $3.50
Flat iron (provided)
Note Pad $2.00
Hair sewing needles 2 pack $2.00
Thread 2 rolls $2.00